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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bleeding Love

men,look away. i am about to objectify one of your xy compatriots. okay, so we're watching the padre game and trevor hoffman is dangerously close to allowing the go-ahead run, and me and grams and gramps are chating away while an outfielder makes an acrobatic catch and suddenly they focus on the outfielder and grams and i stop conversing and, in unison, say "whoa, he's CUTE!" that would be Justin Huber. terrible last name, totally made up for in catch-you-offguard hotness. googled him. AUSTRALIAN baseball player for the padres. hello. accent? dear God.

speaking of sports, could LaDainian Tomlinson's Easy Turf commercial be any cuter--"no water, no maintenance, no woarries" it's even cuter that the kids are clinging to his leg because he and his wife have had trouble conceiving. awww.

anyway, tonight mom and dad decided i was having senior park cabin fever and took me away to seaport village. it was the most amazing san diego night. 68 degrees and clear and lovely. we went to the Upstart Crow, arguably Lauren's and my favorite coffee/book shop. i bought some of their fabulous, quirky little gifts. lots of those snarky ann taintoresque cards. they also have cards that are cutouts of such snobtacular luminaries as james joyce, mark twain, dorothy parker, virginia woolf, etc and their quotes, which you can stick all over the card. very 16+years-of-education-adorable. and i bought charity a coffee quote magnet that i have to remember to actually give her. if anyone has a favorite highbrow figure (author or philosopher) you shoudl tell me and i will try to hook you up with a card or a finger puppet magnet of said person. che guevarra anyone?

i'm still bleeding. i do like naomi's take on this whole ordeal. that in my obituary or whatever they will refer to a short health problem that helped crystallize my thinking and form my future path, rather than my death knell. i sure hope so. completely undiscernable at this point. but i have decided that my new theme song can be that leona lewis song Bleeding Love "i keep bleeding, i keep keep bleeding".
shannonicus, as far as stigmata--i totally feel it. in fact, one of my favorite B movies is the patricia arquette Movie "stigmata" with billy corgan soundtrack. an irreverent woman with a crazy faith? i think i fit the bill.


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