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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

vanguard how i love thee.

can i disseminate my love for Vanguard, new holder of my 401k? yes, i can. so i am all about divesting in sudan, you know this. and so i'm like, "great, i have to freaking pick around and see which funds have divested, again." and with fidelity it was a real pain in my ass. i was about to go to my sudan divestment site which i love but which is not actually that easy to use. blargh. so i decide i should at least call to see if they have any idea of which funds have divested and which ones havent. a year ago the people at fidelity had *no idea* what i was talking about. anyway, the dude at vanguard is like "yep, there's only one fund, the energy fund, the rest are clear." sweet relief. it took 1 minute. i'm so lazy, i think i overappreciate when people make things easy for me. i'm like, please don't make me put any effort into my activism. anyway, i can now happily invest in their 2045 fund for people retiring in roughly...2045 (why do all the years in the millenium seem very far and futuristic? i'm like "2045--when we will all be driving spaceships?!") anyway. yes. 2045. the aggressive fund. be aggressive, be be aggressive.

so yesterday i used my two hours to take a 6 mile walk "around" lake murray. and i do love lake murray, though i must concur with a woman in my bunco group who said there isn't enough shade and it sure would be nice to be able to walk AROUND the lake. for every step you take on the lake murray path you have to know that you are committed to taking it OUT as well. because when you get to mile 3 you run into a sweet chain link protected dead end. i cry for anyone who doesnt know that. anyway, i listened to viva la vida for the first 3 miles. yes, almost an hour. maybe you think that is excessive or obsessive. you probably think that having seen casino royale 10 times is a bit much too, but i posit that it is not!

i just realized that i had a tomato on my sandwich today. and there is a huuuge tomato e coli scare going on. apaprently the office park deli hasnt savvied up to this. luckily i can still elect cobra before i die.


Blogger Naomi said...

On my walk last night, I listened to "Umbrella" (newly downloaded) for at least 20 minutes, until I ran into Angus, which seemed fitting, somehow.
I finally got your postcard, you lady of the night, you, and I love it. Especially the June 4, San Diego postmark. Jessie will be dismayed! :D

6:00 PM  
Blogger Bill Rosenfeld said...

Easy information would be good if it were true. The Energy fund is only one of several that hold the worst companies funding genocide in Darfur. For example, check out the Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund which holds $170,946,354 of PetroChina as of 3/31/08 according to their own site: https://personal.vanguard.com/us/FundsAllHoldings?FundId=0533&FundIntExt=INT&tableName=Equity&tableIndex=0.

The only way to know you are genocide free is to get the companies to adopt a shareholder proposal. Check out InvestorsAgainstGenocide.org for information on how to help out.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Gosh you sound smart. I didn't really understand this entry until the second half. ;) I am also lazy so I may or may not go look up the word "divested."

I do so love tomatoes. I hope the salmonella scare (is there an e.coli scare, too? Yikes!) goes away soon.

7:50 AM  

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