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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

geeking out for the first day.

so tomorrow is my first day at work. i am pretty excited/nervous. feels like the first day of school again. i ran a bunch of errands, planned an outfit, got a french manicure. tried to upgrade my laptop and discovered that the reason my laptop is so light and small is because the ram is built in and therefore has no slot to be upgraded...this discovery had me spending some quality time, seriously--i bought flight of the conchords and lock stock and two smoking barrels while waiting, with the geek squad at the santee best buy, who were totally adorable and talked a lot of amusing trash about the el cajon best buy. the geek squad uniform of white shirt with thin black tie and black dickies is totally nerd hot, btw. i also bought some stuff at the huge bath and body works sale. do i want to smell like tuberose, magnolia, or citrus on my first day?

apparently one of my most challenging new tasks will be juggling all of my lunch dates with friends and family in the area. i have at least 6 potential daily lunch dates. not to mention, i could meet my father at subway every day (today, btw, i met my mom and some of her coworkers for lunch at our ghetto fabulous local cocos and some ladies waiting to be seated looked at my mother and said "i can't believe you arent at subway!") yes, my father is a local legend, and he has dragged my poor mother into it. he could probably run for local office as the guy who always eats at the los coches subway and talks about running marathons...for a while he had a scheme that subway should replace jarod with himself. seeing as he is an el cajon celebrity, this may be less farfetched than i once thought, but only very marginally so.

other incredibly ambitious and exciting news is that i am thinking of saving up to buy a condo or house in a year or so. obviously it's a long way off, but i had to totally restructure my budget starting now to make it a possibility. it's probably just because i want to do everything charity does, and seeing as she is a new homeowner, i'm like "i want to be a new homeowner too, daddy...NOOOOOOWWWWW!!"

yes, of course i have been watching So You Think You Can Dance. but i cant wait for it to get out of this mass tryout phase. you can only see so many really delusional people get berated by the judges and see so many petite, flexible blondes get told "you just have this amazing quality about you...you bring joy to people" much like i exoect pamela anderson brings joy. as jessie said, "that amazing quality is hair dye".

more news after the first day. wish me luck!


Blogger Amy said...

lol, i love you. :) i wanna be one of your lunch dates! teppanyaki anyone?
so how did the first day go??

7:04 PM  

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