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Monday, February 02, 2009

wash, rinse, repeat

Today is the 597 katrillionth day that I have woken up and started or restarted a diet. I invoke sleater-kinney *yet again* when I say that "I think that I sometimes must have wished for something more than to be a size 6." And that's not actually my goal, but I can't help but thinking that if I were a person who gave not a shit about what I looked like and somehow harnessed that energy into something else, I would be like, a proficient violinist, or a person who helps regularly at a soup kitchen, or working on my 10th novel. There is also the off chance that i would have spent all that time watching television. So, who knows? pootooweet!

Speaking of resolutions made and broken, I resolved to restart my new year this week. Ergo, I made tonight's dinner! (that's one meal a week). A spinach, feta, and onion egg white frittata. My mother liked it so much that she wanted me to make more on the spot. And I am now exercising as I blog. The first day of the rest of my life is always full of these little victories. I wonder if I could ever fool myself into thinking every day was the fresh start to my life. The majority of me is an Irish, Scottish, and German red-cheeked santa clause of a genetic optimist, but I think the often jolly, yet, in an instant, also extremely depressed, Irish strain of my blood(i think those are the southerners) can't stomach that kind of cheese.

I am listening to the slumdog millionaire soundtrack. Highly worthwhile--doing Bollywood dances on the elliptical machine. lots of shoulder movement.

This morning I found my Verve CD, Urban Hymns. A CD I have bought 3 times. Football season is over. It called for a playing of Bittersweet Symphony. The Super Bowl this year was fantastic. But I do feel like I have a new lease on Sunday afternoons. Anyone want to walk around Lake Murray?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, I hate dieting and I always feel like I should do it. I've exercised a few times here and tried to order the "diet" food on the hotel menu, but am sabotaged by the fact that I really hate exercising and really like fresh garlic naan.

So then I made a highly ridiculous resolution that when I got back to the states I would not eat for at least three months. In reality, I'll be stuffing my face with all of the food I'm missing right now.

Good luck! I'm going to listen to some sleater kinney in your honor.


8:10 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

It's definitely the Irish Southerners. I have those too, and they're the reason I stare slack-jawed at "Parental Control" on MTV instead of reading Bonhoeffer. Or more to the point, living like Bonhoeffer.

8:52 PM  

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