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Thursday, November 13, 2008

anticipation of pain and sisterhood.

Hello friends.

Am in Nashville for work and as is my wont in these brisk autumn days, I have just overdosed on pumpkin goods. The chill of the season and the warmth inside brings such cheer to my heart that I appear to be ready to forgive Brett Favre for being a traiterous douche to the Green Bay Packers and am just accepting that he is still able to lead an NFL team. Oh fine Brett, be hall of fame with your bad self.

Well, preparations for the 3-Day continue apace. I cannot tell you how disgusting my feet look! they have callouses and blisters and hard flaky skin. sooo gross. but i'm really thrilled. the tougher they are before the 3-Day, the less blisters they will get when I am actually walking. But I had one real doozy of a blister after karina and i walked 15 miles last week still all huge and gnarly. So it is only 4 days until Karina and I begin our 60 mile journey. Friday at 5 AM we begin. oi gevay! one advantage will be the lack of fiery skies that lisa recently ran her 5k in. now she knows what it would be like to run a 5k in beijing or bangkok on any given day. ;) blargh. back to work!


Anonymous Chris said...

Take it from a guy who has marched over 60 miles in two days in combat boots, moisture = blisters. Sprinkle foot powder in your socks and shoes(a little powder, too much and you get a cakey mess causing more problems). The powder absorbs the moisture, feet stay dry, less chance of blisters. Also, there is a product called moleskin that you can apply directly to the areas that you would normally get blisters. Acts like a second skin that absorbs all of the friction that your skin would normally be subjected to.

Good luck with your walk!

10:54 AM  
Blogger Wilson Clan said...

Oh I can't wait to see your blistery feet next week!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

12:27 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Go Julie!!! And YAY for pumpkin anything! :) I made a pumpkin and butternut squash bisque the other day and have added that to my repertoire of loves. I need to make another pumpkin pie. Or pumpkin bread. We'll see ...

6:12 AM  

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