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Monday, September 15, 2008

en route to albany

am on my layover in the philadelphia airport on my way to albany. a few things to discuss. 1. US Airways--TERRIBLE. will never fly them again if possible to avoid doing so. they charge even for your first checked bag? oh wait, american does that too. assholes. so, get on the plane and the air conditioning is off and it is a packed flight. i am sweating as we wait on the tarmac. sweating. and very close to the man next to me, who is also...sweating. sweating with strangers is a great way to start a morning. also, they CHARGE for sodas and juice! 2 dollars for a bottle of water. luckily i asked for non-bottled water which is still free because hopefully someone has made them aware of the potential for deep-vein thrombosis on a FOUR HOUR FLIGHT. yuck. also, when i pulled down the tray table.they had sold the tray table top as ad space--it was an ad for fedex and kinkos. barf! i felt not only much like mooing cattle, but also like i was just some automatonic vessel to be marketed to. like one of those people in the movie Wall-E! argh! i have swiftly fallen in love with southwest airlines, because, bafflingly, their commercials are true. they do not charge for you to check bags. they do not charge for nonalcoholic drinks on the plane. sheesh. 2. the philadelphia is much nicer than one might imagine. 3. i have these crazy loud talkers here in the waiting area on their cell phones. i don't really want to be all up in strangers' business. i don't need to know that the girl behind me is having drama and telling someone on the phone to "don't listen to her or trust her, ever" or the lady next to me "oh my gosh that was probably the funnest party i have EVER been to." really? can i go?
4. the lady across from me has a hot pink ipod that matches her shirt. very cute.

oh my gosh, john stewart interviewed tony blair on the daily show the other day. i think stewart got a little crazy in his desire for answers about the war and how a sensible, brilliant, articulate person could authorize it. towards the end of the interview i think he realized it and was like "oh crap, i got a chance to interview tony blair and i basically tried to shred him to bits." luckily tony blair is pretty game, and while i guess i commend him personally for not selling out george bush as a war-mongering ubermoron, it would have been good to hear some regret over the war. i am still so in love with tony blair. he is teaching a class on faith and globalism at yale and if i were one of his students i can assure you i would be trying to take advantage of him.

in strange health news, i was having some intestinal issues, so i am now doing a fleet prep 1 which is basically a colon blow. dear God in heaven. tomorrow i am getting my intestines scanned after drinking something to make them glow. oh life doesnt get more horrific than this (i'm just thinking locally--i.e. my ass, folks, not globally). i absolutely would never wish this on you. terrible. (update) everything is fine. berium enema's are pretty heinous, almost as heinous as what you have to do to prepare for them. again, not wishing it on you guys. but i'm glad everything is supposedly fine. my doctor called and said "eat more fiber". i wish we didn't have to go through all that for me to be prescribed all-bran.

Under Sarah Palin's watch, her town billed rape victims for the kits used to gather evidence.

that's the last i want to crap on sarah palin. we're all pretty clear on what i think of her intellect, qualifications, and ability to be a competent vice president. this doesnt mean i wouldnt drink a latte with her when she watches hockey with her lipstick on. but i've decided that i need to refocus on crapping on john mccain who has many terrible policies worthy of critique while he is still alive.


Blogger Amy said...

The rape kit thing ... wow, that is heinous.
Though it's also heinous how Obama refused to sign the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, saying that bringing in a doctor to save the baby who survived a botched abortion would be too much of a burden for the mother and her doctor. (So let the babies be left in trash-filled rooms to die, which is why the BAIPA was written in the first place ...) And then he kept lying about it.
Hard to get really excited about any candidate.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Wow, Jewels, this has been one loooong layover! ;)

9:02 AM  

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