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Sunday, September 07, 2008

i'm a walkin, yessiree and i'm a payin

Oh, my pastor's message today was excellent, funny and also thought provoking. It was about evangelism in postmodernity. and he addresses the hilarity of the term postmodern as well :) you can find it here: http://www.fhpc.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=15456 it's called The Postmodern Path. anyway, i'm looking forward to the series. small groups are starting again this week which is wonderful because my small group is truly fantastic; it's always a spiritually refreshing time. i'm grateful to find people with whom i can be so honest and get feedback i can trust.

speaking of church, today i walked the 6 miles to church up this huuuge hill. and then i walked down said big hill and at the bottom the sole of my right shoe came entirely off. this might not seem like a time for spiritual reflection, but may I say that either the Lord or great coincidence made it so that my father and i happened to be going to Road Runner to buy shoes and the plan was that he would pick me up somewhere on my return route. he picked me up 10 minutes after my shoes went kaput. and we went to road runner where they analyzed the pressure i put on my foot, my arches, and my walk so that i could get the right shoes and inserts. i absolutely could not decide between a pair of sauconys and a pair of nikes, both turquoise, so i got them both since i was supposed to get two pairs of shoes anyway so i can alternate on the walk. the guy who did my foot analysis is also walking the three day with his mom and aunt and has done so for the past two years, so he had some good advice. for instance, thin socks. i thought for sure you would want cushiony socks, but no--you want thin, non cotton, blister-preventing socks that keep moisture away from your foot. those are some special (read: expensive) socks, my friends. let's just say i spent a pretty penny to raise a pretty penny.

i am absolutely thrilled about the start of football season. i am not thrilled about the chargers losing in the last few seconds of the game. i do not need a freaking heart attack courtesy of the carolina panthers. as a charger fan you get used to disappointment. i've learned to consider every win a surprise. i was glad to see that michael turner had a good game for atlanta. i was irked to see brett favre win for new york. such a douche move. he has now retired and unretired TWICE. sigh.

jane is in labor and we should have word on our new friendphew soon. so exciting!


Anonymous Chris said...

Is that Jane from GHHS having a baby? If so, tell her I'm wishing her family the best and Congrats from the other side of the globe.

And yes, Favre-what a douche bag; and my Yankees have now slipped to 4th, when is this year going to end?

1:55 AM  

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