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Friday, June 27, 2008

buddies or red wine circles on boobs...vote!

Argh, every time i watch The Lives of Others I fall in love with it again. It moved me to tears, good tears, even before my surgery, and now of course it's twice as moving in my new emotional state. actually a lot of things move me to tears now: The liberty mutual commercials with terrible music where the people all "do the right thing" by looking out for their neighbors. also spontaneously moving are performances by gymnasts, dancers, and any athlete who does better than they thought or looks shocked when they've done something extraordinary. at this rate the olympics will be like a 3 kleenex box affair, a real blubberfest. might as well watch An affair to remember and get it over with. or life is beautiful, which has the record of the longest cry ever for the julie--i cried sporadically for a full 8 hours after that movie. oh and recently i cried at august rush which i am positive would have been far too cheesy and contrived to induce tears pre-surgery. but anyway, there's something so calming and refreshing about simple, quality movies. i watch so much trash that i forget what it's like to watch something really good.
oh, but in all seriousness, does anyone medical know if having someone cut into your ovaries makes you more emotional...or like, does surgery make people more emotional, some post anesthesia effect?

the job is going well, and i am so grateful, thanks to everyone who's asked. what we do is really socially beneficial. and my long awaited counterpart with whom i share an office is totally smart and hilarious. and she keeps me on track with training being possibly more..diligent than myself. :)

the ice skating is going...fiiine. i feel about as graceful as the stay puffed marshmallow man, and there is one move where we do backward swizzles and i am positive that our coach does it out of sheer cruelty so that the people watching their kids' lessons can feel good about themselves as we adults slowly wiggle our (enormous) asses awkwardly and very slowly backwards. i need to relax. thus far i am so terrified of falling that every muscle in my body is tense and i am totally sore the day after lessons. having medical insurance would likely add to that sense of relaxation. come august first i will be a terror!

so karina and i are definitely doing the 3 day walk for breast cancer. 60 miles in 3 days. the biggest task we have now is choosing which team to join (we definitely want some training buddies and some fundraising help). we have two teams we've narrowed it to. one is the team of a local radio station--8's buddies for life. the other is a group called Walk Now WIne Later. the number one major attraction of this group is that on their t shirt they have red wine circles over their boobs. this is, however, also their major detractor, because i have so many evangelical friends who are wine phobes that it might offend a major fundraising group in my life. as the chinese would say "how to do?". and i don't know that gently pointing out that Jesus' first miracle was to make some super-duper-vintage-kickass-wine will lessen said stigma. of course nearly all 3 day team names are scandalous. samples: my two breast friends, 4 boobs and 2 nuts, twin peaks, our cups runneth over, etc. so funny.

have a great weekend! we're going to the del mar fair. but the newsboys won't be there of course--they are visiting amy.


Blogger Amy said...

Sweet I got a mention on your blog! Ah they were good. :) The concert was great ... but way too short, of course. Still, though, they played 3 of my fave Newsboys songs and had a lot of good things to say and flattered the whole state of South Carolina, naturally.

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