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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Today my fearless counterpart, becky, and I had to present for one of our most senior people. We take notes for each other on what suggestions are given since obviously we cant take notes when we are standing up training. After a brutal morning, I was setting up and using the clicker for the PowerPoints, which forwards through slides using a "trigger" button on the bottom of the remote. so i set up and point the remote at my presentation and say "BAM" at which the whole screen goes blue. Shit. I spend like 15 minutes getting it back up. Later in my notes i see that becky has written this: Julie broke the projector because she does not yet have control over her magical powers and uses improper word choice when casting spells. In the future Julie should wield her abilities with more restraint and propriety and a non-regional accent.

anyway, it made me laugh and laugh.

what did you guys do for the 4th? i said a sad goodbye to lauren who paid us an unexpected 2 week visit. then i sat around and was indecisive with my family, notably my horrifically sick father whom i infected with my cold from last week. the highlight was having owen and watching the fireworks shows. fireworks have gotten an upgrade in SD county i must say. 3d, glittery ones that keep going and going, smiley faces. very impressive. as for the rest of the weekend i went to a lovely wedding and walked over 12 miles. we did join the wino group. we were disappointed to find that the winos rarely actually drink wine after training. they sound scandalous but are really just very friendly and proactive motherly types. we love em.

speaking of my illness, i know airborne is scientifically proven to do absolutely jack to prevent colds, but my cold seemed to get better far more speedily than normal after taking it.

so becky and i are getting sent out into the big big world for training observation. First up--I get to go to Marksville Louisiana for a week july 13-18. weehee. a week at a casino resort that sports an aligator pit and a bbq restaurant and a steakhouse. carnivore city, baby. i anticipate some good updates from the crazy places we get sent, though i will not be venturing outside of my hotel for that week as i may have mentioned that it is in LOUISIANA in JULY. i am flying in to alexandria. i was like "alexandria, virginia?" nope, there is an alexandria louisiana. the week after that we get to go together, thankfully, to missoula, MT--old hartle vacation stomping grounds. hopefully meeting up with the Frys of Taiwan fame.

well, i have to go meet jill. hope you all had a lovely holiday.


Blogger Shannon said...

Julie, I gave a commencement speech in Alexandria, Louisiana a few years ago that the high school is still getting over! I said I had some gay friends and the poor pastor is still apologizing to people for inviting me. Let me know how it goes! Also Louisiana is serious bug country in summer. Your car will look like every bug in the state committed hare kiri on your grill.

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