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Friday, July 18, 2008

jet set

I just love Bill Nye the science guy. he's talking on larry king about UFOs and some government coverup conspiracy with some film crew who caught a UFO on camera. I mean, Bill Nye started out as a comicc. But he just looks nerdy so i think we should trust him implicitly.

i am in DFW--holla to your home, shannon. you know, this airport is really more like a sprawling minicity. gate D is truly adorable and modern, but even the less cool rest of it has quality drinks and snacks. I believe this is because dallas offers just the right blend of people who can appreciate expensive gourmet snobbery yet also appreciate the fine art of lard. speaking of which, i did in fact get pictures of the piggly wiggly and the drive-thru daiquiri in Marksville, so now i think I can leave there in peace without feeling a strong urge to return. The guy who was in charge of booking us for the training was such a sweetheart. he kept apologizing that it wasnt in a more exciting location. I hate to think anyone feels bad about where they are from. I'm like, I want you to love where you're from, baby. speaking of which, i just love the love in the South. They called me miss julie, or baby, or honey, or dear. I love that stuff. makes you feel related. our participants were really friendly, though by the 5th day they got super restless and we had to cut off like 2 hours of the presentations because everyone wanted to get home to their families.

oh but lets talk about the poverty in louisiana. katrina is not just a one lacation phenomenon, let's put it that way. we had to drive 100 miles to baton rouge and we passed through some truly destitute places.

oh, have to board--will post pics when i figure out how to get them on this computer--doesnt have the spot for my memory card like my sony did.

tomorrow is literally the busiest day of my life, ever, i believe. i have 5 engagements. wow. then to montana sunday. oi gevai!


Anonymous Chris said...

Just for the record, Bill Nye also is a Cornell grad with a BS in mechanical engineering... nerds w/ engineering degrees unite!! oh, and he lives a couple blocks down from one of my friends. Met him a few times while getting donuts on several sunday mornings.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Naomi said...

I totally saw that Larry King and got giddy when Bill Nye started talking. He's just so cute.

6:31 PM  

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