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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

whirlwind begins

we have only been in india for 3 days, but it feels like weeks. i definitely did not schedule us on the quality of life tour. that said, we are having a pretty fun time with lots of adventure. we are in jodhpur and tomorrow are heading off to see teh floating palaces of udaipur.

today we took the last of our animal rides--that would be a camel ride through the desert. sounds romantic and exotic? reminded us a little bit of el centro. i decided that it might be my life calling to open up a camel ride outfit in el centro.

anyway, elephants a few days ago were pretty cool going up to the amber fort which was totally amazing and had lots of incredible inlay work and tunnels and cool passages. sadly a lot of teh cool architecture we have been observing has to do with a long history of keeping women secluded and away from all society. like awesome little windows so they can peek down at the society they cant partake in. so they have these big gorgeous buildings in which they were held virtual prisoner. yeah, this country isnt really magical or anything--there are a lot of free roaming cows, pigs, and trash. but i do not wish to take away from them their hot turbans, fabulous music, and awesome fashion. corinne and i have been taking full advantage of the opportunity to wear as many accessories as possible. anyway, off to see more rajasthan. many many pictures will be albumized and posted.


Blogger Amy said...

sounds amazing. can't wait to see the pics!

11:16 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Julie, Oh Julie!!! Where have you disappeared to? Did you get lost in an ashram in India?

8:28 AM  

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