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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I feel something in the air tonight...is it the Alamo?

So, when I was perusing the morning news, I came across the headline "Collins stops singing to focus on Alamo" and I was wondering what Alamo they were referring to because it did not remotely occur to me that it could be referring to the actual historical American Alamo in Texas. And yet it was. This is the AWESOME article about crazy phil collins. He's going to be like that eccentric old grail obsessor in the Da Vinci Code. Or the American guy in Possession who set up an institute to William Randolph Ash in New Mexico. Look at the group of people he is speaking to this weekend. Hysterical.

I wonder how much clout the International Criminal Court has in arresting and prosecuting the president of Sudan? I mean, it's a great move and highly worthwhile, I hope it isn't just symbolic. I hope whenever he sets foot out of his country they grab the s.o.b., or in his country, I don't care.

In other news, I love the chubby dance that the two msn chat characters do as you are logging in. It's like two fat penguins engaging in an elizabethan dance. circle circle, don't touch!

Oh how do I love my origins ginger perfume? I want to eat myself.


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