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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Borderline! I feel like I'm going to lose my mind...

Something that has been bothering me sporadically for the last few years: In a VH1 documentary, Madonna was discussing her early career and what made her so driven to become a pop legend. and she said "i just really felt that i had something to say and I needed to say it." and for whatever reason, it comes to mind like 2-3 times a year and i think about those first few madonna albums and think, "what was it about holiday, starlight starbright, like a virgin, material girl, la isla bonita...that really *needed* to be sung." "I am desperately in need of a holiday, i think everyone should know!" like, this is not rage against the machine talking about racist police officers or injustice of war. it's about how much this woman likes men and frivolous crap. And who thinks that is important? these are essentially the things that 90% of rappers sing about, but would any of them say that rapping about sex and money is something that the world desperately needs to hear? i'm just flummoxed. In other news, I need everyone to know that I love shiny diamonds, wads of cash, champagne, and driving in flashy cars. i'm so glad i got that out there. phew.

in other news, when i went to get the espresso that is sustaining me right now, there was a rather attractive, scruffy man reading a thick book and i was intrigued like, oh a sexy reading man. then i saw it was an Ayn Rand book. And I rolled my eyes and judged that he was too philosophically immature for the Julie. Even though I myself have read and enjoyed Atlas Shrugged, the Fountainhead, and Anthem. whatever.


Blogger Wilson Clan said...

I LOVE your Madonna rant. Just wanted to say that.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Naomi said...

I love you AND your impossibly high standards. :)

8:56 PM  

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