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Sunday, February 22, 2009

oscars 09

we had an awesome time at scott and kirstin's oscar party. corinne dressed up as rachel from rachel getting married, i dressed up in a sari as a tribute to slumdog millionaire, and we dressed up owen as the kid from changeling, but we were thinking he could have been benjamin button. this did not go unnoticed and owen won the best costume award, which he was very excited about.

I thought Hugh Jackman was excellent and hilarious. I also watched the Barbara Walters special in which she asked for and was granted by Hugh, a lap dance. wow.
There was no hilarity though in her innterview with Mickey Rourke in which she basically asked him about every painful thing that has ever happened to him. "so mickey, your ex wife was a heroine addict and your divorce left you so alone and disillusioned that you only had your dogs to sleep with for comfort, one of whom just died yesterday." "how do you feel about that? tell us about it." so, everyone keeps talking about how his face was rearranged--did he have plastic surgery, or what?

So, I have two weeks in town before I am out for 8 straight weeks (including my trip to india). eek. what all does one do in 8 weeks that can be done beforehand?

i'm back on to being excited about a potential condo purchase. i have two in mind right now that seem great, both have great upsides. onbe is cheaper and in a slightly less excellent neighborhood--but is in a newer building and has a gym. the other is in a bit nicer neighborhood but is more larger and more expensive and has a garage and might require roommates. any advice?

have good weeks! i have to go to bed.
oh, i am going low carb for lent--anyone have good tips or recipes or restaurant options?

p.s. jessica--i was going to write you and i think i accidentally deleted the comment with your email. can you resend..i couldnt figure out how to comment on your blog


Anonymous Bethicus said...

Just made a lovely pot of this LENTil soup this past weekend. Recommend adding a bunch of cumin and cooking with a dried chili to add some underlying heat. No need to waste money on saffron; regular Greek yogurt (Fage) does the trick.


10:06 AM  
Blogger Naomi said...

- Ah, Bridge. Great.
- Your nephew is the adorablest, and you're not too bad yourself.
- India! Yay!
- Cheaper, worse neighbourhood for sure. Just ask yourself: Where Would Jesus Live? :)

12:16 AM  

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