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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

who knew i had so many opinions on the octuplet mom?

I watched Ann Curry's interview with the mother of the octuplets. Ann Curry kept trying to get the lady to admit that she was irresponsible and unthinking when she had those babies. She also tried to get her to admit that she was getting public assistance. I had a few problems with these aims. 1) the lady is clearly deranged. she didn't have the resources to have two kids, much less the 7 she had planned for or the 7 others she did not anticipate. So, beating her over the head about "didn't you think about your resources" yes, ann, she told you she did think about her circumstances and she thought she was fine and would be able to support them. not only that, but she also thinks that she will be able to easily pay back all her student loans and support 14 kids on a single counselor's salary. because she is DERANGED! Charity has a great saying which is "you have to fight crazy with crazy". you can't fight crazy with sane. so ann curry is asking this lady sane person questions and not getting anywhere. narf. 2) they tried to rip her a new one because she is getting public assistance. what the hell is public assistance for if not for people like this crazy ass lady and the 14 kids she can't support? We already reformed welfare so that you no longer get more welfare the more kids you have. so it's not like she will be living pretty and able to get her nails done on welfare. There's a cap. I think a lot of people who have never been on welfare think welfare should exist but that no one should ever be on it because they themselves went through hard times and never asked for help. well, why not? go ask for some freaking assistance. It isn't shameful to take welfare, it was created for a reason. Now, why SHE herself lied about and thinks getting public assistance is such a bad thing is odd to me. I understand that there is some fraud in welfare and it does seem heinous, but this is what you get in a free society with free will. occasionally people are crazy and mooch off other people. not to mention that there is now a 5 year federal limit on welfare. so even if people are so pissed that other people take handouts, well, they can't do it for more than 5 years. blurg. 3) Ann Curry didn't get into the abortion/pro-life issue when the lady was saying that her existing, not-yet-implanted embryos were children and gifts from God. I mean, the lady clearly has a problem, but the problem isn't that she should have terminated the excess babies when she found out they had ALL attached to the uterus. They were dangerously close to saying life does not in fact start at conception, and that isn't a debate she should be getting into with crazy lady but rather someone who has actually been fighting that fight sanely for years.

Some people were wondering how the doctor could have participated. But really, it isn't his job. Are we expecting doctors to say that poor people shouldn't be able to have kids. Maybe he could have referred her to a mental health professional before allowing her to get the surgery, but there is no reason why, if she had saved the money, that he should refuse her just because of her life circumstances. His job is to tell her the risks, right? Of course they did say that he implanted too many embryos, i guess that is his issue. then again, he's chinese, so what kind of ethical compass were we expecting?

Anyway, i think what really irked me was that they were trying to make someone crazy say something sane, like, yes i am obsessive and was thoughtless because i have no money left to support my children and yes i should give them up for adoption because i am going to drive my poor parents insane. and if she does keep getting her nails done instead of feeding her kids, well, CSS will come in and take them away anyway. pootooweet!


Anonymous Bethicus said...

So, to summarize your post: Everyone is an idiot.

5:22 AM  
Blogger Julie Hartle said...

that was a good summary:) charity sent me a slate article that helps pin it on the doctor and our insurance system: http://www.slate.com/id/2211151/pagenum/all/#p2

11:44 PM  

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