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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the man with the steel ball

mmm, for your breakfast enjoyment, a snippet of jim wallis and his moral analysis of the new budget. It isn't very detailed, just an overview of why he thinks the budget is a step in the right direction, morally.

so yesterday my grandpa (Hartle, of fur-lined lingerie fame) broke his hip kind of badly tripping on a piece of rogue carpeting that was upturned in their house. so we went to see him and my quasi grandma in the hospital. gramps was totally out of it, but grams said that he had been in extraordinary pain the whole day. so that was totally vexing, not to mention the whole curse of the broken hip in which an extraordinary amount of people die within 2 years after hips breaking. there are a few things going for grandpa. one is that if he hadnt met my quasi grandma 20 years ago he would surely have already died many many moons ago. so i would say the last 15 years have all been bonus. another is that his unstoppable humor will aid him. yesterday when in severe pain he was still cracking all sorts of lewd jokes about how he now has a steel ball in his body. he also had the capacity to mess with one of the nurses who looked at his wristband and asked "what's your name?" and he said "ivan blesemovitch" and she looked perplexed and said, please say that again, and he repeats "ivan blesemovitch" and then he finally says, ok, ok, dan hartle." and there's my grandma, playing the straight woman. they crack me up. anyway, it's going to be brutal recovery for him trying to walk again.

well, i have to go and force my officemate to listen to me prattle on and on about eligibility and fair housing for the housing choice voucher program.


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