Well, That Was Unexpected

Real life is stranger than fiction...depending on which authors you read, of course.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

going to taipei

so i am on my way to taipei for campbell and linda's wedding. i love blogging or journaling at airports--and on trips in general.

here's a bit of running commentary:

there's the man who bought two bottles of guiness for himself and drank them in less than half an hour

theres a bunch of asian men dressed in cowboy outfits, i wonder if they are going en masse to disnelyland to reinterpret toy story on stage, oh no, wait, the red stickers squarely placed on their chests tell me that they are japanese (oh, shocker there) students from toyota technical college. well, domo arregato my vibrant friends, i hope there is enough gel in duty free to keep your hair spiked to the heavens for however long you are in the sweet USA.

here's me at duty free: wow, these suckers have la mer and lancome openly available for trials! lancome has some crazy new stuff that has scar repair stuff along with "extremely powerful tensers" to tighten your skin immediately, yeah your basic immediate botox. eek! i thought it sounded scary so i tried something else, ut i think it had tensers too--my face feels oddly tingly. i definitely tried on like 4 types of lip balm and 2 types of eye stuff and two types of moisturizing anti-aging crap. mainly it's my passive aggressive way of lashing out at high-end corporations. SFO--while lacking in many areas, i.e. the depressing lack of a single starbucks, ye olde company that has lured me in with their ability to replicate exact deliciousness around the world, which is obviously not a big deal, just totally surprising since it's not like they have eschewed all other corporate oppression--the good thing is that they have all their expensive cosmetics in easy to access places where i don't run into ladies to whom i have to justify why exactly i would need to put on two separate hundred-dollar-a-bottle creams.

so i found out last night that i am on the same flight as campbell's parents. i cry for them because they are coming in from new york, and i have no idea why in the world they would send them ny-sf-nagoya-taipei. sounds like super suck to me. i thought they would just fly them directly over the ice cap. no matter, it will be fun to know someone on the flight--not to mention some serious taiwanese plane cred for being like "oh my gosh, pastor chang and mrs. chang, how surprising to run into you on the plane like this"

well, hello japanese man wearing tight white pants! wow.

i tried to upgrade my seat...and even though i didnt tell them how little i was actually willing to pay to do so, i was denied before i could even lie--apparently people who buy the ultra deluxe super cheap seats are put there with dunce caps and not allowed to move our poor asses up a class. "we're sorry, the fare you purchased means no upgrades are available to you. the business and first class passengers would prefer not to see your faces." thanks, united.

so i got my renewed passport back the day before i left. wasnt nerve-wracking or anything.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again. japanese old people are crazy cute.

well, i need to go and anti-age myhands now. so, until taipei, au revoir!