Well, That Was Unexpected

Real life is stranger than fiction...depending on which authors you read, of course.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dance, Dance

Corinne, Owen, and Luke spent the night at our house last night. When I woke up, Owen was in full swing watching the Backyardigans. And because he is three and my place in his reality is very specific and special, he summoned me at various times of my frantic preparing for work, to ask me to come dance. And he was confused when i didn't come each time he called to me. Because my special place is being the auntie who dances on command, and even sometimes spontaneously without command. I dance because when i dance, Owen dances. and that is just precious. He does not know me as the auntie who has to get ready for work.

I believe that cookies that have wafer-like qualities (you know, like kit-kats) have less calories than regular dense things. why? because they have so much air. This is a fallacy and yet I cant help myself from believing that something you can eat so quickly and that feels so airy in your mouth can have so many calories. I believe in many fallacies like this, apparently, which is why i have to wear such large pants.