Well, That Was Unexpected

Real life is stranger than fiction...depending on which authors you read, of course.

Monday, June 13, 2011

To sleep

Priority 1 this week is to sleep at least 7 hours per night. I have a feeling that I've been too ambitious in my goals for each week, the sneaking suspicion that the goals I inevitably set out for a week are more like the goals for a month or a year...or a life.

A Julie-made to-do list (created over the length of any given plane flight) can variously contain some or all of these elements: eat well; sleep well; pray; read Bible/spiritual guidance; do one sudoku and one crossword a day to stave off Alzheimer's; read all HUD guidance that I've neglected to brush up on for the past 2 years; learn French; learn Spanish; practice Chinese; exercise; write letters to friends; pay bills; buy stuff I've been meaning, for months, to buy online; make a budget; watch movies on Netflix--indie ones, popular ones, foreign ones--especially Chinese ones to help with previous goal; update blog (this is a two-fer today); make more jewelry; sell already-made jewelry on etsy site (figure out way to take non-ghetto etsy pictures...and set up etsy site); take online classes in disaster relief; listen to TED talks; re-read Harry Potter series; read books of classic literature--up next Moby Dick and Pale Fire; practice for the LSAT; read the economist; read wired; plan trips abroad; call grandparents; write stories for Owen; post photos to Facebook...and I know I'm forgetting some that most likely have to do with fixing up my house and trying to get a roommate.

SO, this week I have one goal. sleep. that's it. I tried last night and it was sooo hard. My mind kept racing. funny things i wanted to post or email or text; thoughts like "should i take my vitamins now or in the morning?" but i was strong and stayed in bed. i think i slept for like 7hrs and 15 minutes. and i could tell in class that i was more alert. and by my diminished need for caffeination. i wonder how long it would take to make this a habit. i read an article that said humans have a finite amount of willpower, so if you use it on one thing, you lose the capacity for the next thing you want to be disciplined about. or, in my case, the next 40000 things.

we'll see. I will be deploying The Comfiest Shirt In The World. It's a black shirt so comfortable I prefer it to being naked. And I simply didn't think that was a statement I could utter.

I hope I have good dreams. A few nights ago I dreamt that I was eating pecans. So I bought some at the store roasted with salt. They are delicious. I wonder if pecans are the most flavorful nut. I also love almonds muchly...but mostly the blue diamond ones in salt & vinegar flavor, wasabi & soy sauce, habanero bbq, blazin buffalo wing...aka covered in delicious chemical crap. yummm. well. t-minus 15 minutes.

good night! xo