Well, That Was Unexpected

Real life is stranger than fiction...depending on which authors you read, of course.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

other rappers dis me, say my rhymes are sissy...why? why? why exactly?

so basically i have been drowning in a sea of stress and drama trauma at work. that is where i have been. nowhere good. like tahiti. no.

Is anyone else addicted to flight of the conchords on hbo? not to sound like a complete advertisement, but it makes me sooo happy. i steal away youtube moments during the day and watch hiphopopatomus or Boom King and things seem like they will be okay.

my work husband, Pablo, left last week to return to argentina. we had a huge korean bbq send off for him during which our vastly multicultural crowd of coworkers drifted in in waves every 15 minutes over an hour and a half. i had reserved a room for 15 and at 7:30 (half hour after our planned meeting time, we only had 9...at 8:45 the last of 18 drifted in and tucked in to some leftover meat.) do any of you remember when i was the first to arrive at a function--and the first by a long shot...it was like a weird alterna universe. anyway, Pablo had asked to go to eat somewhere really unique for his last meal. korean was the most delicious, yet safe, unique food i could think of--and luckily i have the all-asian access pass so, through tom chee, i totally hooked us up with an awesome place called Buga Buga, which disconcertingly looks like a defunct Cocos full of koreans. anyway, Pablo loved the korean place, but don't get the idea that Pablito was too adventurous: for every other meal (almost literally), he went to macaroni grill. he fiiiiinally got sick of macaroni grill the last week of his 2 month stay. anyway, as a sidenote, he had adopted one of our company's squishy stress balls as his friend while he was exiled here in the US of A. he called it Wilson after the volleyball in Castaway. so, as a parting gift, i went and bought him a wilson castaway volleyball at big 5. it's been a week and he still hasnt stopped thanking me. best 15 dollar investment ever. just fyi. in case you know someone else who feels shipwrecked away from home...

so, our other argentinian coworker has been trying to replace him--saying i can practice my spanish with him and wear his sweaterwhen i get cold, but it comes off more like forced spousery, like we were in an office wide catastrophe and now awkwardly have to move on together for the sake of the species...yes, i did watch the battlestar galactica series opener a few weeks ago with charity.

speaking of charity. she deserves some serious friend points after what i did to her last weekend. we had just made plans to go swimming and then go to dinner at il fornaio (my albatross as you will soon see) when we got a distress call from the aforementioned tom chee saying that my old bosss--we're talking like 6 years ago boss, needs help moving out of some toxic place he and his fam had unsuspectedly rented. so i call chare and ask if she will come and help these strangers move. bon, so we swim, we help move, it's 830 pm and charity is like "uh, will fornaio be open when we are done here.?"..and here's where i turn into a fat food addicted monster. i'm like "oh yeah!" normally, i hope, i would pass up eating at that point in the eve, but i had this il forniao veneto menu up in my cube and had been staring at this "ginger custard with crunchy sugar coating and green apple ice cream" entry for like a month. and the menu ended that day. so, even though the Christian thing would have been to thank charity profusely for coming to help move and then hightail it back home to sleep assuming God will let me have the dessert i've missed someday in heaven, i drag her to del mar to il fornaio. now, il fornaio, even in such circumstances would usually be a treat. but it was super busy and our waiter was an uber asshole. we hurriedly order appetizers and dessert, trying to taste greatness and jet out. my hallowed dessert comes, and it is total shat. now, i was expecting a sort of ginger flan/creme brulee with crunchy sugar top--but actually what we get is deep fried ginger custard with pieces of ginger inside...looked like tempura, totally greasy, smelled like it was fried in fish oil. the green apple ice cream was sorbet and had no green apple crisp to it, but rather tasted like frozen apple sauce. chares got a choco mousse/brulee thing that she likened to store bought pudding. so, instead of a treat, we were sort of stressed, felt dissed by shit waiter and having to tackle servers to get help, and paid too much money for mediocre food. THEN i lose the parking ticket. we had a validated card from il forniao so thought it shouldnt be a problem...until the ethiopian bitcwhore devil who womans the parking booth says that it isnt good enough and that we have to pay 20 dollars for parking if we cant find the ticket. so she asks the people behind us to back up so we can reverse and go back to find the ticket. so we retrace all of our steps all over, go back to try and get out--she literally will not let us out of the garage, and I literally will not pay 20 dollars for having parked for an hour of mediocrity. our wills clash, ultimately i am not willing to ram the gate thing, so we force people behind us to back up and let us return to the confines of the pkg garage AGAIN. we go back to il fornaio where the only shining spot of the il fornaio debacle occurs in the form of their greeter, who doesn't shrug off the 20 dollar charge and missing parking ticket but instead calls the asst GM who is also sympathetic and writes us a note saying they accidentally threw the pkg ticket away. he also advises us to go to the other parking guy at the other end of the structure. the other pkg nazi still gives us crap, but when i show him the receipt and note he lets us leave with a warning. that would be 30 minutes of pkg hell that charity endured past her begrudging trip to il fornaio. for this she is my star of the week.

in Crazy China Today news: the whole country apparently has lead poisoning.